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The Compeat Academy; where Connection, development and career potential converge to see you thrive.

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Why Join the Compeat Academy?

When you join the Compeat Academy, you are joining a community of world-class professionals across Industries from elite sports to healthcare Here, our Academy crew aim to develop, network, advance in their careers, and create an impact.

With memberships starting from as little a $2.50 per week, See the tools that our Academy member use support & propel their careers forward.

Access to a Global Network of Nutrition & Dietetic Professionals

Tap into collective expertise through our facilitated community platforms.

Facilitated Networking & Group Supervision.

Participate in networking & peer supervision with Nutrition & Dietetic professionals worldwide.

Personalised Career Coaching

Upgrade your Academy experience with Personalised Coaching from an Academy Mentor. Enquire here.

On-Demand Development Resource Centre.

Access an expanding library of resources to meet all your professional growth needs.

Guest Speakers Sessions from Industry Experts

From Finance to leadership we take a holistic view, engaging the best so you can be your best.

Propel Your Career Forward

Our Academy crew continues to expand their horizons to achieve greater value, pay & success.

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How does our Academy Work?

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How it works
The two lead Compeat Academy dietitians Alicia and Demi holding coffee.

Our Story

With over 25 years of industry experience, Alicia Edge, the 2021 Australian Dietitian of the Year, and the Compeat Team recognised a need for a community-driven, practice-centered, and people-centric approach to professional growth. This realisation birthed the Compeat Academy, where our team utilises their extensive experience, industry credibility, and leadership status to uplift current and upcoming generations of Dietetic Professionals. Their goal is simple: to create a supportive, nurturing space that empowers all dietitians and nutritionists to thrive.

Discover what the Academy means to our members.

A community of lived experience allows us to understand your unique challenges.

It's a lonely and isolating place as a practitioner

How do I motivate clients for better buy-in and progress.

It's hard to generate new leads and clients

CPD is time consuming, overwhelming and costly on top of Professional fees.

Job security and opportunities for career growth are limited

I feel stuck & uninspired with the daily grind of consults.

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Compeat Academy members work with these organisations and thousands of individuals…

When you join the Compeat Academy, you are joining a community of world-class dietitians. A group of professionals who make a difference to people from elite-level sports through to health-specific clients and health-conscious individuals.


For existing dietitians and nutritionists you will be able to earn CPD points and collaborate with people in your industry.

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