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Most dietitians and nutritionists struggle to succeed in the industry because…

It's a lonely and isolating place to work

They struggle to see their clients progress

It's hard to generate new leads and clients

CPD is time consuming and overwhelming

There's limited opportunities for career growth

They're stuck and uninspired with the daily grind

At Compeat we’ve given dietitians and nutritionists across 6 continents the recipe for empowering them and their clients with life-changing, actionable advice that leads to greater client success, industry trust, and higher pay.

Our learning modules are currently CPD/CCP recognised in countries including Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

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How it works
The two lead Compeat Academy dietitians Alicia and Demi holding coffee.

Meet the Team

Award-winning, 2021 Australian Dietitian of the Year Alicia Edge is the Founder and Co-CEO of Compeat and the Compeat Academy.

Armed with over 25 years of industry experience Alicia and the Academy team have used their experience and position as industry thought leaders to create the Compet Academy, a positive place that supports all dietitians and nutritionists in their development and career paths.

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Joining Compeat Academy gives you…

New Course Content

Carefully curated courses with the latest evidence-based research at your fingertips.

Exclusive Compeat Academy Content

Exclusive access to journal papers and evidence-based resources.

Professional Coaching

Limited access to 1:1 coaching sessions with our nutrition experts. Enquire here.

CPD/CCP Recognition

Receive a certificate for your learnings to help you log your CPD points.

On Demand Learning

Learn in context by locating and using resources as you need them.

Networking Opportunities

Access an international community of like-minded nutrition nerds.

Employment Opportunities

The opportunity for a supported pathway to servicing with Compeat.

Industry Leading Guest Speakers

Listen and learn from a wide range of speakers, not just dietitians. 

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When you join the Compeat Academy, you are joining a community of world-class dietitians. A group of professionals who make a difference to people from elite-level sports through to health-specific clients and health-conscious individuals.


For existing dietitians and nutritionists you will be able to earn CPD points and collaborate with people in your industry.

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