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Our Mission

To build a safe, judgement-free development community that empowers todays Nutrition Professionals to deliver the care needs of Tomorrow.

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The Compeat Academy Story.

With many dietitians and nutritionists working independently, our field can feel really isolating.

This challenge led to the creation of Compeat Academy. Founded by husband and wife team Dan and Alicia Edge, Compeat Academy was born out of a determination to build a place where passionate nutrition professionals can connect, collaborate and build a community.

To bring together the brightest nutrition and dietetic professionals in the world and enable you to connect online, access unique work opportunities, and build confidence that empowers you to be the best nutrition professional you can be.

“The Compeat Academy is a safe space to nurture your curiosity and build a support system, free from judgement and competition.”

Meet Our Experts.

An image of Compeat Nurition Co-Founder & Sports Dietitian Alicia Edge

Alicia Edge

Advanced Sports Dietitian at Compeat Performance

Alicia is CoFounder and Co-CEO of Compeat Performance amassing over 13 years in the industry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours) she went on to complete a fellowship at the Australian Institute of Sport. Alicia is currently the lead performance dietitian for national sporting teams such as; the Matildas, Waratahs, Socceroos, and Melbourne Victory. She was also named Australian Dietitian of the Year 2020-2021.

Demi Patterson

Senior Performance Dietitian at Compeat Nutrition

Demi has an extensive background in performance nutrition with over 6 years in the industry. After Graduating with a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours), she went on to complete her International Olympic Committee Diploma in the field of Sports Nutrition. Demi has completed a fellowship at the Australian Institute of Sport where she worked with an extensive range of sports and learned from the best in the business such as Louise Burke and Nikki Jeacocke.

Kate Wensley Headshot

Kate Wensley

High-Performance Psychologist at Compeat Performance

Kate Wensley is a High-Performance Psychologist who has worked for over a decade in elite sport and graduated with a Masters of Psychology in 2011. Kate develops and delivers programs for individuals and teams to achieve sustained optimal performance in high-pressure situations, such as the Olympics, Paralympics, and World Cups. Kate has been the Lead Psychologist for the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), the Australian Paralympic Team, and Football Australia.

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