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Author: Demi

Image of media portrayed 'ideal body type' in men

7 red flags of poor body image in men

Are you a dietitian or nutritionist feeling unsure of how to identify poor body image in men? You’re not alone.  Poor body image in men is a challenging thing to spot. It’s something that’s not often talked about due to the stigma around eating disorders


The Low FODMAP Diet – Your secret weapon!

As a nutrition professional, I am sure you are aware of the low FODMAP diet and FODMAPs, aka fermentable carbohydrates that are found in some foods which are resistant to digestion and instead of being absorbed, they go all the way down your intestine to
adolescent athletes

Working with Adolescent Athletes

From busy day syndrome, supporting their needs through a time of change and growth to nurturing their relationship with food and body image, and more, there is a lot to consider when working with the adolescent athlete. Adolescent Atheltes and Body Image How our athletes

Women’s Health – An Overview

This week (5-11th September) marks Women’s Health week and we wanted to cover some pretty big topics on the matter. Women’s health is quite broad. Are we talking about periods? Fertility? Weight loss? Eating disorders? Menopause? Cis-Het females? Trans women? None of the above specifically,

How to Effectively Train The Gut for Race Day

Gut issues are rampant through endurance running & cycling, triathlon, and even intense team sports. Everyone seems to have their own memorable experience with needing to find a toilet quick smart. But experiences like these don’t have to be your athlete's normal. Endurance athletes can
Image of a person eating breakfast whilst reading

Nutritional Considerations for Concussions

We had the absolute honour to sit down to talk with the incredible Dr Eric Rawson from Messiah University for The Compeat Waffle Podcast. He isn’t kidding when he says he has literally spent his life seeking optimal performance for humans! It is this that

Image of a man running outdoors on a bridge

Injury nutrition for athletes

Following the sheer number of athletes who have experienced an injury due to the COVID-caused forced ‘off-season’, we just had to talk about injury nutrition. As the lockdown came at a critical point in everyone’s season, it resulted in very sudden changes to training type,

Image of a man jumping with happiness outdoors

The State of Men’s Health

Health and Performance are More Than Just Visible Abs We need to change the conversation of Men’s Health into something so much bigger. The first part of this is to stop presenting numbers of mass or extremely low body fat % as the epitome of