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Nutritional Considerations for Concussions

We had the absolute honour to sit down to talk with the incredible Dr Eric Rawson from Messiah University for The Compeat Waffle Podcast. He isn’t kidding when he says he has literally spent his life seeking optimal performance for humans! It is this that lead him to dedicating much of his research to the supplement Creatine. Not only did we chat through all things Creatine (he is the king of this research), we also got to go through concussion and nutrition opportunities to possibly help in recovery!

Within this chat, he also did a brilliant job of going through what is happening at the time of concussion – the cascade of things that lead to those, often debilitating, symptoms:

concussion mtbi cascade

As you can see from the above cascade, Concussions are complex. Thanks to emerging research we are becoming clearer about the role that nutrition has in concussion recovery, and the role is quite significant. To help you understand all of the current best practice for nutrition during concussion recovery we have an entire course dedicated to this topic. Taking you through everything from what occurs during a concussion, through to nutrition and supplementation and finnished off with an athlete who walks through their lived expereince of their concussion recovery journey so you understand how to best support your clients. Curious to learn more?

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